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Have you ever seen a group of kids who are sitting right next to each other, but there is complete silence because they are all busily texting on their phones?  I don’t know about you, but I find this so sad…and also a bit eerie! Technology has become such a double-edged sword.  In some ways, it has created a world that is smaller than ever, but it is also creating a situation where meaningful, personal connection is becoming a thing of the past.  As I have been reflecting on what I have learned in 2013 and planning for The Girl Cave for 2014, the word “connection” has revealed itself to me over and over again.  I feel blessed beyond measure to realize that this facility has become a hub for “connecting.”  New friendships have been formed, old friends have reconnected, business alliances have developed, women have connected with their inner strength and many have even reconnected with their inner child!  I am committed to making The Girl Cave THE place to go when looking for human connection, and with that in mind, have slightly modified our mission statement:
  To provide a fun and welcoming gathering place for women to feel relaxed, inspired and connected.

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