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You Had Us At Hello!, it took her some time, but Oprah recently caught on to something that The Girl Cave has known all along…people are feeling more lonely and disconnected than ever!  In fact, 1 out of 5 Americans suffer from loneliness, which is roughly 60 million people.  Although the inventions of social media, online banking, self-checkout, etc. have created many positives in our lives, they have also resulted in us having far fewer live, human interactions with each other.  Texting, liking and tweeting may be fun, but they are no substitute for good old face-to-face interaction.  Studies have found that people with a strong network of friends sleep better, have fewer colds, experience less stress and are less likely to suffer from dementia.  I would say that those benefits definitely make it worthwhile to schedule regular nights out with the girls!  As I hope you all know by now, bringing together women for meaningful connections is the premise upon which The Girl Cave was founded!
Oprah recently started a “Just Say Hello” campaign to try and combat this growing epidemic of human disconnect.  If you won’t take it from me, than maybe it will have more impact coming from a woman who has earned gazillions of dollars in her need quality time with friends – your health, sanity and well being depend upon it!  Now go CALL a girlfriend just to say “Hi!”

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