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YES, I Can Do That!

baby-on-board-banner-side-view-2So anybody who knows me is well aware of my serious addiction…CRAFTING!  Drop me off at Michael’s with some coupons and a credit card and you don’t need to worry about picking me up until closing time!  So when I see my customers setting up their beautiful decorations for their showers and parties, I have to admit, I get a teeny bit jealous.  I have seen so many different party themes at The Girl Cave and each time I think to myself,“I want to make that!”  Well, DUH!  It took me 4 years but I’ve finally figured out, “WHY DON’T I MAKE THAT?!”  And thus The Girl Cave Store was conceptualized.  I’ve been pouring over the hundreds of photos on ourFacebook page and making lists of all the different party themes and am now happily designing banners, cupcake toppers, garlands, and anything else I can think of to get posted on my Etsy store (ok, it’s not opened yet, but coming very soon)!  But until I DO get my Etsy store up and running, I want to make sure everybody knows that I am ready and really, really, reallywilling to make your custom banners for your next event!

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