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Who Knows What’s Next?!

I am finding this difficult to believe, but… DSC07013The Girl Cave is turning ONE YEAR OLD this Sunday, September 15th!   It feels like just yesterday that I was up to my eyeballs in problems with contractors, landlords and inspectors!  I clearly remember sitting on the floor of my dirty, dilapidated and DARK (the city was refusing to let me have my power turned on) new facility, using the “flashlight” app on my phone so I could see, and just imagining what it would be like to one day have the business of my dreams become a reality.  I am so happy to say that every worry, struggle and obstacle that came my way was absolutely and unequivocally worth it!  I am grateful every day for the experiences I have had, the people I have met, and the knowledge I have gained as a result of this business.  My dream of creating a welcoming place for women to come together for fun, relaxation, growth, support and friendship has come to fruition, and for that, I can’t possibly thank each and every one of you enough.  The Girl Cave has evolved into something way beyond what I had imagined, and it is each of you who has helped make that happen, through your emotional support, patronage, wonderful ideas and referrals.  I hope that this facility has in some way brought a little happiness in your life as well, and urge you to keep watching – who knows what will happen next!

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