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What’s Your BHAG?

Bookings when you have no bookingsI get so excited for people when they accomplish a BHAG (otherwise known as Big Hairy Audacious Goal)!  So I have to brag on behalf of one of our regulars at The Girl Cave, Heather Pich, for achieving one of her BHAGs by recently publishing her book, “Bookings When You Have No Bookings.”   And she didn’t just get published, but managed to hit #1 in her category on!  It has long been a secret dream of mine as well to write a book (oops…guess it’s no longer a secret now)!  I have a lot of different ideas rattling around my head and don’t know if they will ever make it on paper, but Heather’s huge accomplishment is certainly an inspiration to all of us that our BHAGs can become a reality.  So you just may see “Random Musings of a Middle Aged Mom” on a bookshelf near you some day soon!

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