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What is YOUR Gift?

This past week, I had the wonderful opportunity to have Entrepreneur, Author, International Speaker and TV/Radio Host James “Mac” McPartland speak at The Girl Cave.  I was honored to have Mac at my facility, not only because he is such an amazing, sought-after speaker, but more importantly because he was such an important mentor in my life.  I worked for Mac many, many years ago…long before kids and wrinkles!  He saw potential in me to expand my career in areas where I never would have thought possible, and also encouraged me to step WAY out of my comfort zone and complete both my first marathon and my first triathlon!

  Mac gave a  phenomenal presentation at The Girl Cave about finding your special gift that makes you unique and then being selfless enough to commit yourself wholeheartedly to sharing that gift with the world.  Mac was kind enough to share his gift to motivate and inspire with me many years ago, and it changed my confidence in myself and what I could accomplish immeasurably.  Have you figured out what your special gift is yet?  You may have already inspired somebody without even realizing it!  To find out more about Mac, as well as his recently published book, “Unopened Gifts: A Journey to Gratitude,” visit

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