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As we all go about our hectic lives each day, it is easy to forget how lucky we are to live in Southern California.  There are actually people who save up for years to be able to take a dream vacation to where we already live!  It is the upcoming visit from some of my family from New York that has made me realize that I am guilty of taking for granted our beautiful beaches, amusement parks and fantastic weather. As I have been making plans for them to get the most out of their vacation here, I realized that I am just as thrilled as they are to be a “tourist” in my neighborhood.  After 34 years of living here, I have never really seen Hollywood!  And I have so many options for places to take them that I am having a hard time squeezing everything into just one week!  How lucky are we to live in such abundance?  One thing that I am very excited about is the opportunity to show my family The Girl Cave.  I don’t want them to just see it though…I want them to experience it!  Therefore, I have decided to add a special Bunco night in their honor so they can see just how much fun we have on the West Coast!  If you have been wanting to try Bunco or if you are a diehard player who can’t get enough, I encourage you to join us on March 19th for our Bonus Bunco!  Laughter, fun and New York accents are guaranteed!

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