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We Promise…They are REAL!

IMG_0320 WRRecently I was at a friend’s book signing and bumped into one of my all-time favorite customers.  This wonderful lady has been taking my classes at the various scrapbook stores I taught at over the years and has known me since way before The Girl Cave was even a tiny idea rattling around in my head.  When I told her that I needed to get going because I had customers arriving for the first of four showers being held at my venue that weekend, I was quite surprised by her response.  “You mean those private events on your website calendar are REAL?  I thought that you put fake showers on there to make it look like you are busy or that maybe you just really want to have your weekends off!” 
 I just about fell over laughing!  Now, I have to admit, if I had put these events on my calendar in the first year I was open, a lot of them WOULD have been fake.  There was definitely a time when I struggled with getting the word out that The Girl Cave even existed, but I am happy to say that YES, we are now the baby/bridal shower capital of Huntington Beach and those events on our website REALLY and TRULY are REAL!  Although… I kind of like her idea of putting fake ones on there to have a weekend off once in awhile. I’ll have to give that some thought!

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