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Unexpected (and UNWANTED!) Gifts

guilty catsOK, I hope that you can all bear with me through yet another story about my kitties! With this being the season of giving, I thought this would be the perfect time to tell you about the “gifts” my two kittens have been sharing with us.  Our female cat, Storm, has a love of nature, and is constantly bringing leaves and palm fronds into our house.  At any given time, you can look down our hallway and see a trail of her “gifts!”  This wouldn’t be so bad, but I’ve noticed lately that the leaves are getting bigger, and she is now bringing in entire branches!  My boys and I have been joking that she will be dragging in a Christmas tree once our neighbors discard theirs!
  And speaking of neighbors, this leads me to the “gift” that our male cat, Kirby, brought to us this past week.  You can imagine our shock when we discovered a rat trap in my sons room, with a dead rat curled up about a foot away…the shock stemming from the fact that we have never, ever OWNED a rat trap!  The best we can figure, Kirby found it at a neighbor’s house, dragged it through our dog door and down the hallway to proudly present to my son.  And if that weren’t enough, he somehow managed to pry the rat out of the trap!
I know this is just their way of showing they love us, but really, a snuggle would do just fine!

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