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Ugly Sweater Flashbacks

80s themed bunco.5As many of you know, bunco has become a very popular monthly event at The Girl Cave, bringing together women from all walks of life for a stress-free evening of laughter and camaradarie.  Some of our “regulars” have been throwing around the idea for awhile now that we should try a “themed” bunco.  So I was speaking with one such customer last month about it and we decided to go for it by creating an 80s themed event for September.  Let’s just say, I should have known better!  Imagine my dismay as I stood there in my neon tank, leg warmers, and scrunchied ponytail as I watched guest after guest arrive looking fabulous and NOT in costume!  It brought back a traumatic experience I had a few years ago when I decided to throw an ugly sweater holiday party.  Literally EVERY ONE of my female guests showed up looking gorgeous in their holiday finery as I greeted them in my Walmart sweater vest that I strategically decorated with gaudy appliques!  Sigh.  
I will say that I was very grateful for the few brave souls who DID join me last night, so it wasn’t QUITE as embarrassing as my ugly sweater debacle!  And after all, it was BUNCO, the cure for all things stressful in life, so I still managed to have a fantastic evening.  But, let the record reflect, I will NOT be falling for any future “themed” events.  I’m retiring the legwarmers and my dress up days are officially over!

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