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This Will Put A Smile On Your Face

Jami MarseillesSome times in life we cross paths with people who are so inspirational, so motivating, so compelling, that you can’t help but feel fortunate to have met them.  In September, one such person, Jami Goldman Marseilles, was a guest speaker at a Challenged Athletes Foundation Fundraiser at The Girl Cave.  I wrote about Jami in a previous newsletter, and about how she was the only bilateral amputee to have completed a half marathon.  So to update you on this amazing woman, she can now add to her resume that she is the only bilateral amputee to complete a FULL MARATHON!  Just this month, Jami conquered the Chicago marathon, proving once again that all things are possible in life with the right attitude and a whole lot of effort.  If you feel like you need a boost in motivation, or just want to put a smile on your face, be sure to check out the Runners World article that just came out about Jami by visiting

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