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This Is So NOT Cool!

My boys showing me the PROPER way to hold my hands for a selfie!

My boys showing me the PROPER way to hold my hands for a selfie!

When I finally came up for air a few days ago after a particularly busy couple of weeks at The Girl Cave, I realized that summer is already half over and my boys and I have hardly spent any time doing fun things together.  Mind you, THEY haven’t noticed, as they have been happily sleeping in and playing on their computers each day.  In other words, taking full advantage of me being distracted!  So I had this idea that we would spend some quality time together these past few days and do some mother/son bonding.  In my mind, we would laugh together, have meaningful talks, and they would have  moments of pure appreciation that they have such a cool mom to hang out with.  WRONG!!  The way things have REALLY gone down is they have been annoyed with me that they have had to get up before 9:00AM and actually get out of their pajamas.  And I have been thoroughly educated on just how UNCOOL I am now.  Apparently, I don’t know the proper way to take a selfie, the “hang loose” sign went out years ago and I look funny wearing shorts.  I didn’t DARE start singing along to the Katy Perry song in the car today for fear of the ridicule that would ensue!  What happened?!  I used to be cool!!  This was only supposed to happen to OTHER people!   Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’m going to go mortify my kids by twerking to Pitbull!

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