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bunco btches holiday party.2014
See how happy these ladies look?!  Nothing beats a night out with friends!  No matter how stressful life can be, some good quality time with your bff’s can take your mind off your troubles, give you a fresh perspective on things and help you to relax.  The holidays are the perfect time to get together with the special people in your life, and The Girl Cave wants to help!  We are excited to announce that we are offering a very special discounted rate for any event you hold between now and December 31st.  For less than you would pay for a night out at a crowded, noisy restaurant, you and your friends can hold a private party at our beautiful facility.  Enjoy conversation in our cozy lounge, listen to music, bring in food…we have all the comforts of home, but YOU DON’T HAVE TO CLEAN!  To find out more about this amazing offer, contact us at or 714-206-0156.

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