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They Cleaned Up Nicely!


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Three years ago, The Girl Cave was newly opened and just starting to gain some traction in the community.  One of the first private events that was held at our venue was a “Tacky” themed 40th birthday party, which included such fine cuisine as spray cheese, pork rinds and boxed wine.  The guests all decked themselves out in their finest Walmart attire, muumuus and spandex and competed for the title of “Tacky Queen!”  Needless to say, it was a super fun night and even got a write-up in the Orange County Register!  I’ve always remembered that event fondly, so I was thrilled when my customer reached out to me about returning to The Girl Cave to hold her daughter’s Sweet 16 party.  Let’s just say, this beautiful event was the polar opposite of mom’s tacky party!  Our venue was transformed into a wonderland of bistro lights, lavender decor and gorgeous topiaries.  Some of the ladies from the original event showed up looking fabulous and unrecognizable to me in their decidedly non-tacky attire!  And once again, it was a super fun night that I will always remember fondly!Haley's sweet 16

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