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The NON-GENDER Specific Cave!

Business meeting in progress
Vaughn Sigmon, Owner of TAB Huntington Beach…and not afraid to admit he is a fan of The Girl Cave!
It always makes me laugh when a man who is new to our facility tentatively steps into The Girl Cave and asks “Am I allowed in here?”  What exactly are they thinking they will find?  A room full of pink frills and man-hating women waiting to pounce?!  I love seeing their relief as they discover the big screen tv, the comfy couch and the lack of pink decor!  The funny thing is, some of our best customers are men!  Dads throwing bridal showers for their beloved daughters, husbands supporting their pregnant wives at their baby showers, business professionals holding meetings and presentations…they all love The Girl Cave!  We even have had sightings of men playing Bunco (of course, their smart girlfriends brought them along to double their chances of winning a prize).  One regular male customer recently remarked, “I love telling my buddies I’m going to hang out at The Girl Cave!”  So men, rest assured that a visit to our venue will result in a guaranteed good experience…and no threat to your manliness!

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