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The MULLETT of Event Facilities?

Business in the front...

Business in the front…

IMG_0312 WR

Party in the back!

Because of the vast diversity of events that take place at The Girl Cave, I often find myself struggling to find the right words to explain our venue to a person who is not familiar with us.  During the week, we are busy with networking groups, offsite business meetings, workshops, fundraisers, etc.  But on the weekend, it’s party time, with baby showers, bridal showers and birthday parties.  So it occurred to me the other day, we are basically the MULLETT of event facilities!  Business in the front…party in the back!  Something tells me that my business coach will NOT approve of this as our new tagline, so I shall continue to work on my verbiage.  But I’m sure I will be having a little snicker to myself when I find myself explaining The Girl Cave to a potential new customer!

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