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The Girl Cave Hits The Airwaves!

Amazing power of womenI recently had the privilege of being interviewed by Nancy Mueller, Speaker, Author, Life Coach & Radio Host for her “Life’s About Choices” radio program.  My interview was scheduled to air on April 7th, so I was surprised to receive a text from Nancy saying that the radio station inadvertently ran it yesterday instead.  I have chosen to believe that they loved my interview at the station so much that they just couldn’t wait one more week to air it!  Although I did not have the opportunity to get the word out to everybody to tune in, the great news is, Nancy has the interview archived on her website.  You may listen to it at your leisure at  And while you are there, be sure to listen in on all of the other great interviews she has archived.  I am so honored to be included with such an accomplished, exceptional group of women!

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