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The Daughter I Never Had…

Many of you have heard me joke about how I had no choice but to open The Girl Cave because I needed some estrogen in my life.  For years, I have lived in a house full of males, including my two sons, my husband and my dog.  Even our FISH was a male!  Well, I’ve really only been half-kidding.  Sometimes I just don’t understand boys!  What’s up with their fascination with flatulence?  Why is it fun to pee in the back yard?  And how can they possibly not appreciate my latest purchase of sassy shoes that may be incredibly uncomfortable but look AMAZING?!

Many of you have also heard me talk about the two kittens that we brought home from the park this past June.  Well one of our little kitties, Storm, is a girl!  YES!  At last, I have a sweet, snuggly little creature who likes to cuddle without constantly squirming, burping and making armpit farts!

As I was designing cards in my craft room the other morning, my sweet Stormy-girl curled up on my lap and promptly purred herself to sleep.  It was when I looked down and saw that she was completely covered in glitter from the project I was working on, I realized that I finally have a kindred spirit in my home…the little girl I’ve always longed for!  I wonder if they make high-heeled kitty shoes?

stormy girl

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