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The Best Sales Person Ever!


This past week I was blessed to spend quality time with my dear friend (and teaching partner) Cheryl at the Close To My Heart Convention at the Disneyland Hotel.  For those who are not familiar with Close To My Heart, it is a wonderful company that provides the best papers, bling and crafting products that a creative girl could wish for.  I have been a rep for them since 2006 and I’m not going to lie…I’m an AMAZING sales person.  I have not ONCE been able to say “NO” to myself!  In fact, the new catalog just came out and I’m about to sell myself a HUGE order (mental note…don’t let my husband read this blog)!
Cheryl and I were treated to hours of bonding time, crafting, free product and listening to accomplished and talented speakers at the event.  There were many highlights during our three days at convention, but I think my favorite part was listening to the founder of CTMH, Jeanette Lynton, speak.  It was tremendously inspirational for me, both as a woman and as a business owner, to hear her story and the tremendous obstacles she has overcome to be the hugely successful entrepreneur that she is today.
Cheryl and I were both incredibly inspired artistically as well and are busily planning some great upcoming classes.  I came home so fired up that I immediately designed a canvas project for our upcoming “Craft Camp” at The Girl Cave.  Stay tuned for pictures of lots more projects while I still have my convention mojo working for me!

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