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Tasmanian Devils Welcome!

Don't let these sweet faces fool you...these boys were a handful when they were little!

Don’t let these sweet faces fool you…these boys were a handful when they were little!

While I love all of the events that we have at The Girl Cave, I’m particularly happy about our upcoming “Parent’s Night Off” on October 3rd.  As the mother of 2 boys who are very close in age (about 16-1/2 months apart), I am so excited to be able to offer this opportunity for parents to take some well-deserved time for themselves.  My boys are older now, and basically don’t need me anymore (unless their stomachs are rumbling!), but I clearly remember the stress of having two little ones who completely lost their minds when I would try to run errands with them!  They were like little Tasmanian devils when we would enter a shop, restaurant or any place of business.  Yes, I was THAT mom, spewing out a stream of commands…“Put that down!…Stop poking your brother!…Take that out of your mouth!…No running!”  I would have given my left arm for the opportunity to have a few hours to get some kid-free errands done!  And if I knew my boys were going somewhere that they would have a great time and perhaps even learn something new, well that would have been a huge bonus!   Fortunately, no left arm is required for OUR event, but your kids are guaranteed fun while YOU enjoy a frazzle-free night off!

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