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Resistance Is Futile!

resistance is futile
Am I the only mom doing a happy dance that my kids are finally going back to school today?!  Summer vacation seemed like such a wonderful thing until the reality sank in that I was facing endless days of trying to keep my kids entertained.  Mind you, they were perfectly content to spend their entire summer in their pj’s, sleeping in, having marathon television viewings and playing on their computers.  But my mom guilt drove me to constantly try and convince them they should be outside enjoying our beautiful weather, getting exercise and playing with friends.  I swear there were times that I could actually smell their brains frying from the lack of quality intellectual stimulation!  I even found myself making the dreaded comment that “WHEN I WAS YOUR AGE, I was building forts, riding bikes, and not coming home until the porch lights came on!”  From the looks on their faces, I’m well aware that what they HEARD was “blah, blah, blah!”  So when I took my kids to their campus today to scope out the locations of their new homerooms, I had to laugh when I saw the above marquis.  Resistance is futile…they now HAVE to do something that requires brain cells!  It’s required by law and I’m no longer the nagging harpy!  Hooray for school!!

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