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Our (Not So) New Home!

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As many of you know (ok, maybe only SOME of you knew about this!), our lease is up the end of June.  For the past several months I have been looking at my options to possibly move to a bigger facility and have put countless miles on my car driving the streets of Huntington Beach and Fountain Valley for a potential new home for The Girl Cave.  After many, many, MANY hours of calculating, plotting, planning, agonizing, and strategizing…well, I’ve decided the best decision is to stay right where I am!  I am currently in the final stages of signing my lease renewal and am beyond relieved to now be able to get back to what I love doing – planning awesome events at The Girl Cave!  Another bonus of getting this big decision off of my shoulders is that I can now work on some of the changes I’ve been longing to make to the facility.  I’m not ready to reveal what those changes are just yet, but rest assured, they will be great!  From the bottom of my heart, I want to thank all of you who have been out searching for properties and those of you who have been my sounding boards over these past several months.  I’m grateful every day for the support I receive from each of you and I look forward to sharing many more happy times with you at my not so new facility!

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