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Paris canvasIt’s days like today that I really wish I had the knowledge and equipment of a professional photographer!  This picture doesn’t do justice to how pretty this Paris-themed wall canvas is that I just finished designing for a 10 year old’s upcoming birthday party craft at The Girl Cave.  I have had multiple bookings in the past few weeks with customers who plan on holding Parisian baby and bridal showers, and I have to admit I’ve been a little jealous because I’ve been DYING to design something Paris-themed!  So I could barely contain my excitement when this beautiful young lady toured my facility last week and requested a Paris canvas craft for her party.  Actually, I don’t think I contained my excitement at all and I’m surprised I didn’t scare the poor kid away with my overabundant enthusiasm!  Unfortunately, rather than satisfying my desire for crafting, it just made me want to do MORE, so I am turning to you, my wonderful customers, and asking…do you have any interest in a Paris-themed card-making class?  Please, oh please say yes!  If you are interested, send me a quick email at that says “Ooh la la!”  You don’t actually have to do that, I just think it would be amusing to have lots of emails with that subject line.  Yes, I’m easily entertained! 

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