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No More “Used To Be’s!”

Did you know that October 19th is “National Evaluate Your Life Day?”  It is a day to reflect on your life and decide if you are headed in the direction where you want to be.  So, I’ve been doing a bit of evaluating of my life lately and have realized that I spend a lot of time saying “I used to be a runner,” “I used to do yoga,” “I used to be an indoor cycling instructor,” etc.   Like many of you, I have gotten so wrapped up in my work, kids and running my house that I have become a mere shell of what I used to be!   I decided yesterday that I am tired of living in the past (and gaining weight in the present!) and made the time to go to a 90 minute hot yoga class.  Yup, I jumped back in with both feet!  I wish I could report that it was all zen-like and namaste, but things didn’t quite work out that way.  I spent the majority of the class alternating between trying not to throw-up and praying I wouldn’t black out!  But rather than beating myself up for letting myself get so out of shape, I kept telling myself, “At least you are here, and next time you will do better.”  Today I am sore but proud and determined!
 For those of you who practice yoga, or for those who have wondered what really goes on during  yoga class, please enjoy this hilarious short video.  Have a wonderful week everybody!

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