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My UN-Cavelike Trip!

My hubby pitching to former Angel (and very good looking!) Tim Salmon!

My hubby pitching to former Angel (and very good looking!) Tim Salmon!

So this past week, I went on a quick trip to Tucson, AZ for something that at first glance would seem very unGirl Cavelike.  I went to cheer my husband on at Fantasy Baseball Camp!  For those who aren’t familiar, this is an opportunity for “regular” guys who are baseball fans to spend a week practicing, training and playing with former pro baseball players from the Dodgers and the Angels.   I had no idea what to expect, but I knew that my husband was beside himself with excitement for months leading up to this event and I wanted to go support him.  What an inspirational, fun little trip this turned out to be for me!  The first thing I noticed was that both the pro players and the campers were all walking around with HUGE grins on their faces (in fact, my husband told me that by the third day of camp, he realized that his face was hurting from smiling so much)!  The second thing I noticed was the vast age range of participants, from the minimum age requirement of 30 up to an 84 year old man who has been participating in these camps for over 40 years!  I quickly realized that I was witnessing the male version of what The Girl Cave is all opportunity for men, regardless of their ages and abilities, to bond with, encourage and support each other while doing something they love.  What a joy it was for me to watch…so much so, that I realized on the flight home that MY face was hurting from smiling so much!

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