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My Messy Little Secret!

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Those of you who know me know that I LOVE to craft, especially with paper products.  That is why I get so excited when I have a craft camp or card class coming up.  It is an excuse for me to spend guilt-free hours designing projects in my little craft room…after all, it IS for work!
 I often hear from customers that they wish they could craft like I do, but they have no creative abilities.  Well, I have a little secret…I feel the same way!  When you see a card or project that I will be teaching, just know it took me HOURS of agonizing self doubt and frustration coming up with it!  I change my mind a million times on where to perfectly place a piece of bling, what color papers to use, to emboss or not to emboss… And all the while, my adorable little craft room gets messier and messier as I discard half done projects, paper scraps and rejected accent pieces in a creative frenzy.
Ok, as I am writing this I am starting to wonder WHY exactly DO I enjoy this?!  I KNOW it is a sickness, but I truly do find my “happy place” during the whole messy, chaotic process.  So if you have doubts about your abilities to be creative, know that you are not alone.  And if going through the crazy creative process that I do doesn’t sound appealing, come to one of my classes and benefit from all of the mental duress I endured to create that little card!  And if you just want the finished product and don’t want to have to do ANYTHING to make it, I’ll put it together for you and nobody has to know…it will be our little secret!

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