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Kitty TuTus?

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So for those of you who read my newsletter or blog last week, you know that I spent several days of pure joy creating custom decorations for a customer’s baby shower.  As usual, I managed to take only a few pictures (which all came out badly) and even completely forgot to take pictures of other things…photography is definitely NOT my strong suit!  I wish these pictures could do justice to the incredible cuteness of the tutus!  Even my two sons, who have absolutely NO interest in anything crafty, couldn’t stop checking them out.  In fact, they begged me to let them put the tutus on the cat…which I of course refused to do (but only because I didn’t think my customer would appreciate cat hair on her decorations)!  However, I happen to have a little bit of tulle leftover that may be JUST enough for a kitty-sized tutu!  I will make a point of getting a picture to share of our Chloe in her new outfit once it is complete!

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