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bj dudleyAs I am still in this melancholy mood, reflecting on all of the inspirational women who I have met since opening The Girl Cave doors a year ago this week, one very special lady keeps crossing my mind.  BJ Dudley, owner of 333 Candle Company, is the epitome of inspiration!  This tiny little firecracker of a lady is 79 years young and can light up  a room with her vitality and great attitude.   BJ takes on challenges that are scary at any age, such as launching her own business, and constantly demonstrates that we are never too old to learn, self-improve and pursue our dreams.  If you would like to learn more about this little dynamo, BJ was recently chosen out of hundreds of members to be the Over 40 Females Member of the Month and  is featured at  Or better yet, come meet BJ in person, as she will be generously sharing her candle-making knowledge at our workshop this Friday, September 20th

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