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I Want My Jet Pack!

New Years 2014 2015.snacksWow, it feels so strange to write “2015” on my checks!  I clearly remember thinking as a little kid how amazing the world would be in the far off year 2000, and that it was a shame that I would be 31, and therefore WAY too old to enjoy all of the incredible technology of the millenium!  I was right about the incredible technology part (although I’m still a little peeved that we aren’t all flying around with jet packs on our backs yet) but luckily I was wrong about being too old to enjoy it!  And here we are in the blink of an eye and another 15 years have passed.  I am not one to make New Year’s resolutions, because I believe that every day is an opportunity to start over, do a little better or try something different.  However, I do love the feeling of anticipation I always get in the beginning of a new year, wondering what exciting new adventures and opportunities await me.  I hope the New Year brings great adventure and opportunities for each of you as well, and would love it if some of them happened for you at The Girl Cave!

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