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I Know Your Pain

BSelfie Stationecause The Girl Cave has become the premier location for baby and bridal showers in the Huntington Beach area, I have the opportunity to see lots of guests transform our venue for their events.  Being a hardcore crafter myself, I totally appreciate all of the time and work that goes into creating the beautiful banners, centerpieces, and wall art that comes through our doors.  Every weekend I watch our customers frantically run around trying to get everything just perfect before their guests arrive and they all manage to pull it off JUST in the nick of time!  Well this past Friday was MY turn to put on a bridal shower for a dear friend and I had the chance to experience firsthand all of the craziness that goes along with it!  It started out with hour after hour on Pinterest and a list a mile long of all the fabulous decor and special little touches I planned on creating.  After all, the shower was weeks away and I had PLENTY of time!  Well, then I blinked and it was a week before the shower and I had NO time!  The ambitious list of “special touches” was cut back dramatically, I called everybody who had previously offered to help and took them up on their offer and we managed to get it all put together by the skin of our teeth (let’s just say I was still making banners 15 minutes before guests arrived).

  Luckily, champagne, food and a super fun selfie station distracted the guests and the beautiful bride was happy, so all ended up great in the end.  But from now on I will feel a special kinship with my frazzled customers!

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