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I Kinda Like Being On The Other Side

This past weekend I was able to experience for the first time what it is like to be a GUEST at an event at The Girl Cave.  My family has had a loooonnngg dry spell with no weddings or new babies, but FINALLY, we had cause for celebration!  My cousin and his wife will soon be welcoming baby Daisy into this world, and we celebrated in style on Sunday with a fabulous shower at The Girl Cave!  For those who know me, you understand that I was over the moon with excitement that I got to make the diaper cake centerpieces (be sure to check our facebook page for pictures!) and after countless times watching my guests make adorable onesie clotheslines, I finally got the opportunity to help out with one too!  But most of all, I enjoyed experiencing what my customers experience every weekend at our venue…the pure joy of spending time with people you love and celebrating a momentous life event!  

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