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Card class.May.2016Card Class.May.2.2016A couple of weeks ago I wrote about my spending spree at the Scrapbook Expo.  Well now it is time for me to justify my shopping frenzy by putting some of my purchases to use and holding a Summer Card Making Class on May 19th! 
I’m sure you are saying to yourself, “Wow, what an adorable card Georgette has made!”  NOT!!!  These two fantastic cards were both designed by my teaching partner Cheryl.  As usual, Cheryl is prepared waaaaayyyyy in advance for our classes and I am the one agonizing over designs right up until the last minute.  I know I drive her absolutely nuts…heck, I drive MYSELF nuts!  It’s not so much procrastination as it is a slow start to getting my creativity flowing.  I have a ton of ideas in my head that don’t quite work out how I want them to when I try to execute them.  This leads to many a long night of me discarding half-made projects and texting Cheryl that I have absolutely NO creative talents and that she needs to come over to my home immediately and slap the scissors out of my hand!  I honestly don’t know why I love crafting –  but so help me, I DO!   And when we finally have our class it is SO much fun and I take huge pleasure in hanging out with our customers and seeing their beautiful creations that I can’t wait for our next class and the cycle starts all over again.  It’s a sickness, I know!

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