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Avon Breast Cancer Fundraiser

I want to share how happy I am for not one, but TWO of my wonderful customers who held very successful fundraising events at The Girl Cave this past week.  Melissa Watanabe is facing the daunting task of raising $1800 to participate in the Avon Walk For Breast Cancer  and came up with the brilliant idea of hosting a Bunco Night/LA Gold Parties fundraiser.  For just $20, guests were treated to a fun night of bunco, appetizers, drinks and prizes…and several lucky ladies left with cash in hand from the sale of their unwanted old gold jewelry!  Her hard work paid off in a BIG way, because she raised $1200 that evening, all of which will go towards breast cancer research and support!

Xiomara Escobar shared her passion for helping women who have come from abusive relationships by hosting a Fashion Show/Clothing Drive.  Her guests enjoyed an evening of music, indulgent Dove chocolate drinks and appetizers and fabulous fashion, and their only “fee” for the event was to donate gently used clothing and accessories for the Casa Teresa women’s shelter.   Her generous guests brought so many items that Xiomara had to leave a carload behind.  Next time, she will know to rent a U-Haul for her event!  
Seeing these selfless acts of kindness at The Girl Cave all the time is exactly the reason I love, love, love my work!  If YOU recently performed an act of kindness, or if you are just looking for a little inspiration when feeling down, I highly suggest you take a look at  It is a wonderful website where people may post a good deed they saw or did, and every time a post is made, the donor of the day will make a donation towards either feeding the needy, fighting human trafficking, planting trees or digging wells.  It is a great way to see how much good is in our world.   Have a great week everybody!

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