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Holy cow!  I can’t believe my grand opening is only 5 days away!  Instead of focusing on the problems that are keeping me from sleeping at night, I’ll fill you in on the GOOD stuff that is going on!  My signage went up this week, and I love it!  It look great at night when it’s all lit up!  The first time I saw it was the first time that it really hit home for me that I am about to open my own business.  On another happy note, my hubby did a fabulous job making my “wallpaper artwork” vision into reality with his power tools and some perserverance!  I had a wonderful luncheon this past weekend with all of my dear friends who have volunteered to work at the Grand Opening and am truly excited about the special day we have planned.  Final inspection is tomorrow, so please keep your fingers crossed that all goes well for The Girl Cave or else we may be having the Grand Opening in the parking lot!

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