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Can you find what's different in our lounge area?

Can you find what’s different in our lounge area?

With the new year comes great changes at The Girl Cave!  Some changes are small, like new decorative touches throughout our venue.  Some changes are BIG, like the fact that we are diligently working behind the scenes on an exciting rebranding project.  And some changes are down right FANTASTIC!  We just found out that our shopping center neighbor who has been taking up quite a bit of the parking spaces at certain times of the day will be moving out at the end of the month, which means tons of available parking starting February 1st!  We love them and are sad to see them leave, but boy do we love plentiful parking too! 
The next time you visit us, let us know how many decorative changes you can find (hint…there are 4 things so far)!  We’ll reward you with a beautiful stylus pen for your participation!

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