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001 collage (1) There is a commercial frequently playing on tv these days where the happy actress exclaims “Awesomesauce!!”   And that is the perfect word to sum up the last several days at The Girl Cave!  We had a particularly busy week with an extremely diverse schedule of events, including our launch of Ruby Ribbon, a women’s networking meeting, a huge Origami Owl team meeting, a board meeting, a business luncheon, a bridal shower, a birthday party, bunco, and a presentation and book signing by Dr. Christine Horner!  WOW!  I’m exhausted just TYPING it all!  I’m not sure how this tired old body of mine survived all the activity, but the smiling faces on all of our customers sure was a huge motivation to keep going!  When we claim that we literally have something for everybody at The Girl Cave, we really, really mean it!

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