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A Girl Could Get Used To This!

Exploring the ruins in Ephesus, Turkey

Exploring the ruins in Ephesus, Turkey

Greetings from Malta!  It’s hard to believe that I am already halfway into our 12 day Mediterranean cruise (the first kid-free vacation my husband and I have had in over 13 years)!  It has been a truly amazing experience so far getting to see the beautiful islands of Mykonos and Crete, and exploring the castles and ruins of Athens and Turkey.  The trip hasn’t been without its stressors, however.  Oh, the endless decision making!  Do I have the lobster mac & cheese or the crab and avocado salad?  Eat at one of the 4 restaurants on the ship or get room service?  Bloody Mary or mimosa?  Take a nap or go work out at the gym (I bet you can guess which one usually wins out)!?   The worst stress of all, however, is having to walk past the scale in our cabin restroom.  What were they thinking putting that in there?!    Despite all of these challenges, I am committed to enjoying every moment of our vacation!  But I must sign off now, as it is time for my next feeding!

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