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Santa Came A little Early This Year!

tanya brown workshopI don’t know about you, but as the holidays descend upon me each year, I find myself envisioning my home beautifully decked out in the hundreds of decorations I have accumulated over the years, with my favorite Christmas songs playing in the background, and a cheerful fire burning brightly in our fireplace, all while baking cookies with my sweet children, thus creating lasting memories and traditions that they will one day carry on with THEIR families.
So here is my REALITY each year:  It is too much damned work to haul all of those boxes out of the attic, and the idea of having to pack everything all up again in just a few weeks is more than I can bear.  I live in California, so it is 80 degrees outside and turning on the fireplace is somewhat ridiculous.  The kids immediately start arguing over who’s cookies are better, stopping their fighting only long enough to complain to me about the “old people” music I’m playing on the stereo!  Sigh.
 And THEN there is the whole issue with New Year’s resolutions!  What is it about this time of year that makes us feel compelled to take stock of our lives and decide we need to change EVERYTHING beginning January 1st?!  We vow to eat better, exercise more, be more organized, have more patience with our kids…blah, blah, blah!!   Does anybody ever truly stick to these resolutions past January 15th?!  OK…past January 2nd?!
So with all of the stress, anxiety, and guilt that comes along with the most wonderful time of the year, it is truly a gift that the phenomenal Tanya Brown, Life Coach, Author and Celebrity Speaker, will be at The Girl Cave with solutions for surviving the holidays and pressures of the new year.  I have had the privilege of hearing Tanya speak before, and have also read her first book, Finding Peace Amid The Chaos, and can assure you, that aside from being a truly warm, engaging and compelling speaker, she has invaluable advice to help you get through the trials of daily life.  Give yourself an early Christmas present and  SIGN UP TODAY for her workshop!

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