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Just One Word…YAY!

I always love seeing how my creative customers transform The Girl Cave for their special events, and am secretly a bit envious of them getting to spend hours scouring Pinterest for creative crafting ideas to support their themes.  So when I got an email a few days ago from a customer asking me if I […]

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 There is a commercial frequently playing on tv these days where the happy actress exclaims “Awesomesauce!!”   And that is the perfect word to sum up the last several days at The Girl Cave!  We had a particularly busy week with an extremely diverse schedule of events, including our launch of Ruby Ribbon, a women’s networking […]

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LBL Bunco Group.Feb 2015

We Put the FUN in Fundraising!

Generosity must be in the air because February seems to be fundraising month at The Girl Cave!  Just in this past week, JuxtaPosition Dance Theatre held a private fundraiser, which included a beautiful dance performance.  And our venue was packed a couple nights later with vendors and enthusiastic Bunco players, all eager to raise funds for Love […]

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Paris canvas

Ooh, La, La!

It’s days like today that I really wish I had the knowledge and equipment of a professional photographer!  This picture doesn’t do justice to how pretty this Paris-themed wall canvas is that I just finished designing for a 10 year old’s upcoming birthday party craft at The Girl Cave.  I have had multiple bookings in […]

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Vaughn Sigmon's OC Planners

The NON-GENDER Specific Cave!

Vaughn Sigmon, Owner of TAB Huntington Beach…and not afraid to admit he is a fan of The Girl Cave!   It always makes me laugh when a man who is new to our facility tentatively steps into The Girl Cave and asks “Am I allowed in here?”  What exactly are they thinking they will find? […]

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IMG_0312 HR

The MULLETT of Event Facilities?

Because of the vast diversity of events that take place at The Girl Cave, I often find myself struggling to find the right words to explain our venue to a person who is not familiar with us.  During the week, we are busy with networking groups, offsite business meetings, workshops, fundraisers, etc.  But on the […]

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Our Dream (Fake) Event

I mentioned in my blog last week that we are busily working behind the scenes on an exciting rebranding project.  This includes a complete overhaul of our website that I can’t wait to share with you… so I’m giving you a little sneak peek!  We needed professional photos of The Girl Cave which depict some of […]

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IMG_0341 WR

Change Is Good

With the new year comes great changes at The Girl Cave!  Some changes are small, like new decorative touches throughout our venue.  Some changes are BIG, like the fact that we are diligently working behind the scenes on an exciting rebranding project.  And some changes are down right FANTASTIC!  We just found out that our shopping […]

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New Years 2014 2015.snacks

I Want My Jet Pack!

Wow, it feels so strange to write “2015” on my checks!  I clearly remember thinking as a little kid how amazing the world would be in the far off year 2000, and that it was a shame that I would be 31, and therefore WAY too old to enjoy all of the incredible technology of the millenium!  I was […]

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