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Tasmanian Devils Welcome!

While I love all of the events that we have at The Girl Cave, I’m particularly happy about our upcoming “Parent’s Night Off” on October 3rd.  As the mother of 2 boys who are very close in age (about 16-1/2 months apart), I am so excited to be able to offer this opportunity for parents […]

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Happy Birthday To Us!

It is a milestone week for The Girl Cave…we turned 2 on Monday!  When I first opened the facility on September 15th, 2012, my plan was to have an elegant, comfortable place for women to leave their troubles at the door and let somebody else take care of THEM for a little while.  I had visions […]

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Resistance Is Futile!

Am I the only mom doing a happy dance that my kids are finally going back to school today?!  Summer vacation seemed like such a wonderful thing until the reality sank in that I was facing endless days of trying to keep my kids entertained.  Mind you, they were perfectly content to spend their entire summer […]

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