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Sugar and Silliness Take Over The Girl Cave!

OK, you aren’t human if you can look at this picture without smiling!  And lucky me…this is the kind of silly fun that I got to experience yesterday with my wonderful students at our Craft Camp cupcake decorating class!  Campers designed all kinds of cupcakes in various themes, and showed remarkable restraint by not devouring the […]

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It’s Time To Bust Out The Stretchy Pants!

 Have you ever had one of those days where you are so stressed out that you feel like you are going to have a nuclear meltdown, but then you get together with your girlfriends for dinner, and 10 minutes into your meal you have completely forgotten all of your troubles?  Nothing is as healing as […]

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This Is So NOT Cool!

When I finally came up for air a few days ago after a particularly busy couple of weeks at The Girl Cave, I realized that summer is already half over and my boys and I have hardly spent any time doing fun things together.  Mind you, THEY haven’t noticed, as they have been happily sleeping […]

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