Archive | August, 2012

Grand Opening Information

I’ve decided not to post my most current photos of The Girl CaveĀ from today because I don’t want to scare everybody šŸ™‚Ā  Things are moving along, of course not nearly as quickly as I want them to.Ā  First inspection is tomorrow (gulp!) and then we can start on the more cosmetic changes, like paint and […]

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Time Is Flying By!

Lots of progress has been made with the construction, but it is a little scary (ok, it’s terrifying!!) to think about how much needs to be done in 4 weeks!

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The Girl Cave Is Officially Under Construction

After months of cutting through red tape and overcoming road blocks, I am extremely excited to announce that The Girl Cave construction has finally begun!Ā  Tremendous progress was made this past week in several areas of the businessĀ and I am finally starting to feel that my vision of the perfect gathering place for women is […]

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